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18 October 2021

Features of Turkish apartments

The real estate market in Turkey offers foreign investors a huge selection of housing for every taste and budget. The cost per square meter is lower than in most major cities of the CIS. In addition, if in Russia, Kazakhstan or Ukraine, developers who keep up with the times have relatively recently begun to rent apartments with ready-made, albeit not very high-quality repairs, then in the Republic of Turkey this rule has been in effect for several years. Moreover, the level of finishing and interior design is always on top, regardless of the chosen object - construction companies give a guarantee for all types of work.

Turkish residential properties have some distinctive characteristics. And this is not only renting apartments with renovation, ready-made bathrooms, built-in kitchen, flooring and wiring, but also other nuances that you should deal with if you plan to buy property in Turkey.

In our article, we will talk about the main features of new buildings in Turkey, which will certainly help you navigate and make the right choice.

Apartment 1+1, 2+1, 3+2 in Turkey - how is it?

Looking through the offers on the site, many investors from abroad wonder what it means in Turkey apartment 1+1, 2+1, 3+2 and so on. To characterize an object by the number of rooms, Turkish experts use a slightly different way of counting.

The number of rooms in Turkey is counted, separately designating bedrooms and living rooms. For example, a 1+1 apartment is an object with one bedroom and one living room, that is, a two-room apartment. A 2+1 layout shows that the housing has two bedrooms and one living room, or 3+2 - three bedrooms and two living rooms. As a rule, 3+2, 4+2 layouts are most often found in luxury apartments on the first coastline among the buildings of the old housing stock, in houses or duplex apartments.

By the way, the answer to a common question from buyers: a duplex in Turkey - what is it, just concerns the features of planning solutions. In fact, a duplex is a two-level apartment with three bedrooms, occupying either the first and second floors, the first and basement, or the top two. In the latter case, apartments are usually called penthouses and they belong to the premium segment of housing.

A two-level apartment in Turkey, located on the ground floors, has one indisputable advantage - its own access to the courtyard and, in fact, is an affordable replacement for those buyers who would like to live in their own detached house.

How is the area of housing calculated in Turkey?

The main parameter of housing pricing is its area. For buyers, this characteristic is of paramount importance not only because of the cost, but also to ensure comfortable living conditions.

Turkey has its own specifics of real estate area calculation. The figure indicated in the advertisement for the sale is the total area of the apartments or the gross value. It is calculated along the outer perimeter of the walls and includes not only the squaring of rooms, but also balconies, terraces, part of the landing, divided equally among all residents, etc. The "net" area or real residential square meters differ from the "gross" by 20-30%.

This feature is related to Turkish law, according to which, in the absence of a third party (for example, the city administration), the common public area must belong to someone and it would be best to divide it proportionally among all the residents of the house.

If you want to determine the real area, the size of the premises, we recommend that you look at the detailed plans of the apartments and do not neglect the study tour. A sightseeing trip is the most effective, usually almost free, way to evaluate the property with your own eyes and choose the most suitable option.

Studio apartments: why are they not building?

In 2017, the authorities of the Republic of Turkey decided to correct the technical standards for the construction of residential real estate. Since that moment, the construction of studio apartments in Turkey has been banned, since 1+0 apartments of a small area are considered unsuitable for comfortable living.

According to experts, the minimum area of small residential real estate can be at least 28 square meters. In addition, the project should provide for a separate bedroom (at least 9 m2), a kitchen-living room (from 12 m2) and a bathroom. These changes in the architectural and construction legislation are quite justified, since each person must have at least minimal comfort conditions in order to fully relax and recuperate.

If you are looking for a studio apartment purely for relaxation, such objects can be found on the secondary market. Every year, small-sized apartments lose their popularity among buyers, since in most cases a comfortable layout and area cost only a little more, but the owner gets at his disposal apartments that are really suitable for family vacations and living.


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