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30 September 2022

Moving to Turkey: dispelling all fears and doubts

Today, almost everyone can afford to move to another country for permanent residence. All that is needed to achieve the goal is the presence of a certain stock of finances, the willingness to take risks and radically change your life, as well as a positive attitude and patience. After all, a change of place of residence is associated with certain experiences regarding adaptation, employment, calculation of the family budget and other factors that accompany the move.

The number of foreign citizens moving to Turkey is increasing every year, as the resort country offers foreigners a number of advantages:

  • favorable climatic conditions, picturesque nature, good ecological conditions;
  • high standard of living;
  • quality medical services and education;
  • Loyalty of the local population to citizens from abroad;
  • a large selection of housing at relatively low prices;
  • the opportunity to obtain a residence permit and citizenship for investment in real estate.

In our article, we propose to understand what are the pros and cons of living in Turkey, and dispel the main doubts that most foreigners face when planning a move.

Language barrier

Due to the growing popularity of Turkey as one of the best countries for expats, we are increasingly hearing questions from potential clients regarding the Turkish language. After all, it is one thing to relax in a resort surrounded by English-speaking staff, and quite another to live here. Will the language barrier in Turkey affect your daily life? Let's figure it out.

In the case of buying real estate and moving to one of the tourist centers of the Mediterranean, you most likely will not face difficulties in communication. Many Turks in resort towns speak English. And, for example, in Alanya, due to the large number of Russian speakers, local residents try to communicate in Russian. Living "among your own", you will not feel the lack of communication. All issues related to registration of real estate ownership, residence permit, citizenship, contracts with public utilities are resolved through management companies or real estate agencies as part of after-sales service.

If you choose a locality where international tourism is poorly developed, there may be certain difficulties in establishing contact with local residents and solving everyday problems.

Of course, having moved to Turkey for permanent residence, you will eventually have to take up the study of the Turkish language. Since these are new acquaintances, maximum adaptation in society and good job prospects.

Employment in Turkey

The best option for foreigners when moving to the Republic of Turkey is remote work or passive income from renting out real estate. If this is not your option, then you can start with the following vacancies:

  • Seasonal work in Turkey in the field of tourism as an animator, guide, fitness trainer, hotel administrator, hairdresser, manicurist in a beauty salon, teacher of English and Russian. This is a great way to get to know the country and its people, learn Turkish and earn some financial income.
  • Employment in the family as a nanny, housekeeper, driver, gardener, security guard, etc. Wealthy Turks are interested in conscientious workers and, as a rule, are ready to provide accommodation, food, insurance and good wages.

As for other vacancies, it all depends on your qualifications, experience and demand for the profession. Among highly qualified specialists in the labor market there is always a demand for nurses, doctors, IT administrators, programmers, designers. For some specialties, in particular medical, an aptitude test is provided.

Official work is the best way to provide for yourself and your family, as well as a guarantee of all legal rights in accordance with the labor legislation of the Republic of Turkey. To do this, you will need to obtain a work permit and a work visa.

Summing up, we note that if you approach employment in Turkey seriously and responsibly, without illusions, then this eastern country will become your second home in a short period of time, safe and comfortable, just like you dream.

Adaptation of children in Turkey

Many have heard about how children are treated in Turkey. The Republic of Turkey, according to international organizations, is among the twenty countries where the best conditions have been created for the realization of children's rights regarding education, health care, security and other parameters. Local residents do not distinguish between their own and other people's children, in every possible way show their love for the younger generation and try to help in any situation.

Children, unlike adults, are much calmer and easier to perceive changes in life, including a change of place of residence. They have not yet formed persistent patterns that define a comfort zone, as well as attitudes that prevent them from establishing relationships with peers if they speak a different language. Therefore, moving to Turkey with children, with the right approach to adaptation, will pass without any serious shocks.

In many Turkish cities, such as Alanya and Antalya, there are Russian kindergartens and schools. If you are considering enrolling your child in a Turkish school, consider enrolling in the class below. This will allow the child to get used to the program and learn the Turkish language. They speed up the adaptation of sections and circles of interest, where you can do exactly what the child is interested in.

And most importantly: you and your family do not need to change dramatically when moving to Turkey. Stay who you are, keep your cultural identity and be open to Turkish traditions. You will see how quickly the adaptation of children in Turkey will pass, and you will be able to call this fertile country your second home.

Cost of living in Turkey

Many foreigners call the Republic of Turkey a country of contrasts. This trend manifests itself in everything from the mixing of European and Asian styles to the cost of living, which greatly depends on the season and where you live.

As in any other state, living in megacities is associated with higher financial costs than in the provinces. Istanbul and Ankara are considered the most expensive cities, since it is there that the bulk of business life, tourism and financial flows are concentrated. High rents, real estate prices, prices for food and non-food products, transport services, entertainment are generally higher than in other regions of Turkey. On the coast of the Mediterranean and Aegean Seas, the average price tag for accommodation is noticeably reduced.

According to many foreigners, the cost of living in Turkey, compared to European resort states, is acceptable.

Let's take some numbers as an example:

1. Food

Fresh fruits, vegetables, berries, as a result of developed agriculture, are much cheaper than in the CIS countries. Tomatoes on the market can be bought at a price of 20-30 TRY / 1 kg, apples - from 16 TRY / 1 kg, peaches - from 25 TRY / 1 kg.

Prices for dairy products and meat do not differ much from Russian prices: for 1 liter of milk you will have to pay about 17 TRY, beef costs approximately 160 TRY / 1 kg.

Alcoholic drinks are quite expensive. On average, a bottle of wine will cost 160 TRY.

2. Transportation costs

A ticket for public transport costs 8–10 TRY.

For a taxi ride lasting about 20 minutes, you will have to pay 300–500 TRY. High prices are due to the cost of gasoline, which today is about 41 TRY per liter.

3. Internet and mobile communications

Mobile communications package with limited internet – costs 200 TRY per month on average.

Home Internet - 150 TRY, depending on the operator.

4. A subscription to a fitness club is about 400 TRY.

5. Utilities for housing with an area of 60-70 m2 - 900 TRY.

The cost of housing in Turkey

The cost of housing in Turkey is growing rapidly. In terms of the national currency in euros, the average prices for real estate in the country increased by more than 58%. In large cities of the Republic of Turkey, the rate of appreciation of houses and apartments exceeds the rate of inflation and changes in the exchange rate of the Turkish lira. According to market experts, this is due to the high demand among foreign citizens for real estate in popular cities and resorts.

New real estate is built every year in Turkey - from villas for 200,000–€1,000,000 to apartments from 70,000 to €100,000 and more. There is an opportunity to purchase housing among the "second hand" at affordable prices.

Buying Turkish housing is beneficial for investors for a number of reasons:

  • Ability to apply for citizenship by investment under a simplified procedure if the value of the object / objects exceeds $400,000.
  • Guaranteed issuance of a residence permit, which can be extended an unlimited number of times.
  • Receiving a stable profit from resale and rental.
  • New apartments in modern residential complexes are rented out with ready-made and high-quality repairs, etc.

Review about life in Turkey

Our friend decided to share her impressions about the move and tell an open mind about all the pros and cons of immigrating to Turkey.

Hello! I am Anna, I came to Turkey from St. Petersburg. I have been living and working in Alanya for half a year already, and I can say that the atmosphere prevailing here is conducive both to remote work and to seasonal or permanent employment. I will tell you about the main pros and cons of living in one of the best resorts in the country:

  • Cost of Living

Food prices are lower than in Moscow or St. Petersburg. Especially for fresh vegetables and fruits. It is better to buy them at huge outdoor farmers' markets, and not in supermarkets. Alcohol is many times more expensive than in Russia, and is sold mainly in local restaurants. In general, life in Alanya is much cheaper than in large Russian cities.

  • Internet

There are some nuances in Turkey with mobile Internet. If you have arrived for a long time and plan to use a local SIM card, it is worth considering that after 4 months your phone will be blocked. To prevent this from happening, you need to pay a fee (an amount that is tangible for the budget). The card of local mobile operators is issued according to the passport. Prices for foreigners are higher than for local citizens.

Home Internet of average quality: low speed, which is very noticeable in comparison with the services provided by providers in the territory of the former CIS.

  • Life

Life in new residential complexes is quite well established. The infrastructure works, there is a caretaker, security. In addition to utilities, aydat is paid monthly. The amount for the service is relatively small - about 1,500–2,000 rubles. But it's worth it, since you have your own pool and relaxation area right in the courtyard of the house.

In Alanya, there is online food delivery to your home, including from restaurants. Purchases can be paid in cash, which is very convenient. Local residents buy drinking water through WhatsApp. Delivery takes just 10 minutes. The cost of a bottle of water (19 liters) is 25 TRY.

The other day I encountered restrictions on the amount of the purchase when I decided to purchase a new laptop. It turned out that in Turkey there is a limit when paying in cash - 7,000 TRY. If the product is more expensive, you can pay by card. Since Russian cards are not accepted, I had to postpone the purchase.

There are difficulties when opening an account in a Turkish bank. First, only accounts with deposits are available. And, secondly, only certain banks open accounts for Russian citizens. I recommend to go and check on the spot, as the information changes often.

In general, I can say that Turkey is a very beautiful country with favorable weather conditions. People here are open and kind, treat foreigners with understanding. Whether I want to live here, has not yet decided completely. Perhaps, over time, I will move to a more active Istanbul or Ankara. Alanya is a calm city and is ideal for families with children.


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