09 January 2023

The best areas in Alanya for living and investment

Alanya is one of the most demanded regions of Turkey in terms of recreation and real estate acquisition. The city combines the best characteristics: a favorable climate, stunning landscape and unrivaled views, affordable prices for accommodation and housing, ample investment opportunities and new prospects for foreigners.

The districts of Alanya are quite diverse: some have a peaceful atmosphere, others are distinguished by an active rhythm of life. Many of them are distinguished by a high level of improvement, while others are just beginning to develop. Of course, each of them is unique in its own way, and in order to understand where it is better to buy real estate, it is necessary to give an objective assessment of the most promising areas and determine the purpose of the purchase.

Criteria for choosing an area in Alanya for buying real estate

The right choice of area directly depends on the purpose for which you plan to purchase real estate: for recreation, moving to permanent residence, obtaining a residence permit or citizenship, investment benefits, etc.

The best areas in Alanya there will be those for living that suit your lifestyle. If you prefer a quiet and measured rhythm, pay attention to the calm and cozy Tosmur or the picturesque Avsallar. If you want to live in an area with a high level of amenities and numerous compatriots, Mahmutlar will be an ideal choice.

However, keep in mind that obtaining a residence permit when buying an apartment with an estimated cost of $75,000 is currently available only from these three districts in Tosmur, while Avsallar and Mahmutlar are still closed for extradition of Ikamet. However, if the cadastral value of the purchased apartments reaches the investment minimum of $400,000, you can apply for citizenship under an accelerated scheme and obtain a Turkish passport within 6 months.

for rent, we recommend paying attention to the picturesque Avsallar. It is here that vacationers tend to rent housing in the first place. This is not surprising, because this stunning area is home to the famous Incekum Beach, which is characterized by fine sand and a gentle entrance to the sea.

To save a substantial amount on the purchase of real estate, it would be a rational decision to invest in an object at the stage of pouring the foundation. At the pit stage, prices are 30–40% lower than market prices, which means that immediately after the residential complex is put into operation, you can resell the property and increase your capital decently. The Tosmur area is considered the most promising in this regard, since it is in the active phase of development.

A clear understanding of the purpose of buying Turkish real estate will allow you to decide exactly where it is better to buy an apartment in Alanya. Be sure to inform the property sales manager about your future plans for using the property: rent, resale, residence permit, citizenship, etc. Then the specialist will start from your requirements when choosing apartments and will certainly offer the option that will best suit your application.

And now let's look at each area in more detail, where we can offer you comfortable apartments in modern residential complexes with incredibly attractive locations right now.


The most promising area for living in Alanya, which is located between the city center and the international Mahmutlar. There are fewer hotels in Tosmur, and more pebble beaches and the water in the sea is crystal clear. The infrastructure is represented by various shops, fruit and vegetable shops, pharmacies, good cafes and restaurants. On Thursdays, a farmers' market opens near the Migros supermarket, which is very convenient.

The highlight of Tosmur is the mountain river Dim-Chai, which fills the area with pleasant coolness in the sultry heat. There are several authentic places and the famous Dim Cave, which fascinates tourists with its bizarre forms.

The real estate market in Tosmur is represented by high-rise residential complexes with well-groomed adjacent territories and their own infrastructure. The layouts of the apartments are thought out to the smallest detail, and from the windows of the apartments on the upper floors there are stunning views of the historical fortress of Alanya and the sea area.

Hurry up to purchase comfortable apartments in the exquisite Nordic Sky luxury project. While the object is under construction, you have the opportunity to take advantage of interest-free installments and save on investments.


If you are wondering which area of Alanya is best for buying real estate for rent or a quiet lifestyle, pay attention to Avsallar. As mentioned above, apartments for rent here are taken apart first of all. This area is especially loved by families with children and connoisseurs of the measured rhythm of life.

Avsallar is a 30-minute drive from the center of Alanya, but the atmosphere here is completely different. There is no city hustle and bustle here, although the area is quite well landscaped and continues to develop. The infrastructure is represented by grocery markets, clothing stores, pharmacies, cozy cafes, pastry shops, etc. And for leisurely walks and quiet rest, park areas, a pine forest and a landscaped embankment are provided.

In Avsallar, the first coastline is built up with hotels , and modern residential complexes are located a little further from the sea, but they are equipped with hotel-type infrastructure. Literally 800 meters from the sea, our company is building 2 residential complexes: Nobby Garden and Nobby Garden 2. The first will be put into operation in August this year, the second - in December.


Considering the best areas of Alanya for living, Russian-speaking citizens mainly choose Mahmutlar. The infrastructure here is at a fairly high level, and the coastline stretches to the very center of Alanya.

In Mahmutlar, you can hear Russian speech everywhere, many cafes, restaurants, pharmacies and shops have Russian-speaking staff. And in neighboring Kestel there is a private Russian-language school "Classic-M". The area is suitable for comfortable living and investment purposes.

There is already quite a dense building and there is practically no free land suitable for construction. This means that real estate prices will definitely not be lower, but, on the contrary, will grow exponentially.

Despite the high competition among the developers of Mahmutlar, our company can offer you a view apartment just 350 meters from the sea. The construction of the Cozy Town complex will be completed in six months - hurry up to take advantage of the installment plan for up to 6 months!

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