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27 October 2022

Checklist for checking a developer in Turkey

Verification of the developer is of paramount importance for the buyer of real estate, because every potential apartment owner wants to be sure of the successful completion of the project.

Certainly, the prospect of buying real estate at the construction stage attracts many, since developers often offer attractive prices, good discounts, interest-free installments and a flexible payment system. However, how not to miscalculate with the choice of a construction company and be sure of the developer's trustworthiness and timely delivery of the residential complex? Let's figure it out!

Reputation of the developer

It is advisable to start searching for a construction company with careful monitoring of social networks and reviews on the Internet. If you have anyone to ask, make inquiries about a particular developer. In general, reliable developers in Turkey are widely known and have gained high popularity, so there will be no particular difficulties in the search.

Be sure to pay attention to the age of the company. Give preference to those who have been in the real estate market in Turkey for more than a year and already have completed properties in their database. Obviously, the reliability of the developer is determined, among other things, by the number of completed projects, the quality of work and the timely delivery of residential complexes.

In order for you to form an objective opinion about the construction company, perform the following algorithm of actions:

  • Check the level of social openness of the developer. See if he has a YouTube channel, how often posts are updated on the company's social media page.
  • Visit the official website of the developer, where you can see the year the company was founded, the history of its creation, as well as licenses and certificates confirming the activity and allowing construction work. Also, the site should contain reliable contacts of the developer and projects with layouts and areas of apartments.
  • Take time to visit the developer's office. This is one of the important points on how to check a developer in Turkey. With a personal acquaintance, you can reliably determine with whom you are going to deal - with a reliable company or a very dubious company. How? A good developer will certainly have an office located in a decent place, and the staff will obviously not consist of two or three people. And, of course, the level of service and communication will tell a lot.

Permitting documentation

Legal verification of a construction company is one of the important components of how to check a developer for reliability. It is advisable to use the services of a lawyer who will check the legality of the documents. The reliability of the developer is confirmed by the presence of:

  • official building permit;
  • act of state registration and charter;
  • licenses for construction activities;
  • property rights to a land plot;
  • design and estimate documentation for a residential complex.

Construction permit verification is a guarantee that the building object upon commissioning, Iskan will be issued - a technical passport!

If the documents are not publicly available on the site , be sure to ask the developer to present them. The absence of the listed documents carries certain risks for the buyer, and in this case it is not worth signing the contract.

Departure to the construction site

Certainly, right at the developer's office or on the first floors of the complex under construction, you can see a demonstration version of the apartments, the so-called showroom. But seeing a presentation of real estate and seeing it live are two different things.

To make sure that the residential complex you have chosen meets the declared project, you should evaluate the progress of construction work on site. Having visited the construction site of the residential complex, you will be able to objectively judge how the process is going, the level of infrastructure, etc.


Choose the developer who occupies the highest positions in the ranking of developers in Turkey - then you are guaranteed to buy real estate that meets the declared project, all technical standards and requirements!

Due dates

If the developer's database contains objects put into operation later than the stated deadline, you should focus on whether this is an isolated case or not. Of course, the delay in the delivery of the complex may be due to external factors and force majeure. But if the situation repeats itself, you should be wary.

Usually, regular delays in the delivery of housing estates are typical for unscrupulous and dubious firms, in whose work shortcomings, the use of cheap building materials and technologies are often revealed.

Assessing the quality of constructed facilities

You can understand the "handwriting" of a developer by looking at residential complexes commissioned 2–3 years ago. You will not only be able to evaluate the quality of the finish, but also see how well-maintained the territory of the residential complex is, whether infrastructure facilities are functioning, etc.

About the general impressions of the developer.

A careful study of information on how to check the reliability of the developer will allow you to buy property from a reliable company and purchase a property without any unforeseen surprises. In addition to all the checks, read the sales contract especially carefully, where all the important information should be indicated: from the details of the developer and buyer and the deadlines for the transfer of apartments and penalties for delaying construction. You should also know that all transactions involving a foreign person are carried out only in the presence of a sworn translator, who is legally responsible for the accuracy of the translation.

You can choose a luxury apartment on the Mediterranean coast with the help of our manager. The specialist will offer you interesting options and optimal conditions for cooperation, as well as answer all questions related to real estate in the most detailed way.

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