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13 November 2023

Districts of Alanya: which district to choose?

Alanya is the pearl of the resort coast of the Mediterranean Sea in Turkey. There is literally everything for recreation and life here: turquoise clear sea, well-maintained picturesque beaches, majestic mountain ranges, favorable weather conditions, excellent ecology, well-thought-out urban infrastructure, and the hospitable attitude of local residents to foreign citizens. Perhaps that is why many investors from abroad choose Alanya to buy real estate.

Alanya consists of several administrative districts:

  • Okurcalar;
  • Kyzylot;
  • Injekum;
  • Avsallar;
  • Turkler;
  • Payallar;
  • Konakli;
  • Center of Alanya;
  • Both;
  • Tosmur;
  • Kestel;
  • Mahmutlar;
  • Kargicak

When deciding to purchase an apartment or house, buyers often think about which area to choose in Alanya. Indeed, there are many districts in Alanya and they all have their pros and cons. For each potential investor, the selection criteria are different, so what for someone will be a disadvantage, others will regard as a positive characteristic. For example, building density and number of storeys, terrain features, topography, popularity among tourists, the quality of beaches and the level of infrastructure development.

In our article, we have collected for you the most prestigious areas of Alanya, their brief description, main features and advantages. Focusing on up-to-date information, you can make the right choice!


Avsallar belongs to the so-called western Alanya and is located 20 kilometers from the city center. Some time ago, the area was considered a suburb of the resort, and today there is active development, the urban infrastructure is well-developed, there is everything for a comfortable stay all year round: shops, cafés, restaurants, kindergartens, schools, an exit market, a good sandy beach, pharmacies, clinics and much more.

Real estate in Avsallar is very popular among investors from Europe and the CIS countries. The height of buildings is limited to five to seven floors (the number of storeys depends on the area of the site). There are not so many new buildings, but they all have their own developed internal infrastructure. In Avsallar, at an affordable price, you can buy not only a good apartment, but also luxury housing, since the cost of land here is lower than in many other areas of Alanya.

It is in Avsallar that the new stylish residential complex Nobby Garden from Nordic Property is located, where everything is thought out both for recreation and for permanent residence. Until August 2023, all apartments in the residential complex have an interest-free installment plan from the developer.


Thinking about where it is better to live in Alanya in a calm atmosphere surrounded by pristine nature? We recommend paying attention to the Kargicak area, located on the east side, 16 kilometers from the city center. A beautiful village in a mountainous area, where most of the land is allocated for the construction of luxury villas and low-rise (not higher than 4 floors) residential complexes, united by a common area.

Due to the terrain features - hills and hills - most residential buildings have stunning views of the sea, mountains and city. Kargicak is suitable for lovers of a calm and secluded life. The necessary set of infrastructure will allow you to live here not only during the holidays, but all year round. Large shopping and entertainment centers, educational institutions are located in nearby Mahmutlar, which can be reached in just 20 minutes.

The residential complex of the premium real estate segment NORDIC ART from the construction company Nordic Property is located at the beginning of the Kargicak district on the first coastline and guarantees you a profitable purchase of functional, comfortable housing in an ecologically clean place.


Certainly, it is rather difficult to name the best areas in Alanya, since each resort village has its own advantages for recreation and life. However, Mahmutlar, located 11 kilometers east of the central part of the city, undoubtedly belongs to one of them. High-rise buildings are allowed here - the maximum height of buildings is 11 floors.

In just a few years, apartments in Mahmutlar have become very popular among buyers from Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and other Russian-speaking countries. The main reasons for the demand for housing are the optimal cost per square meter, a large selection of diverse objects, and the most developed infrastructure. Mahmutlar enchants with its unique atmosphere of a Mediterranean resort, which, combined with luxurious residential complexes, a beautiful promenade, cafés, restaurants for every taste, and a developed urban infrastructure, creates ideal conditions for living all year round.

In Mahmutlar, there are two new projects from Nordic Property - The Cozy Residence and Cozy Town with chic infrastructure, functional planning solutions and stylish design, apartments in which will satisfy the needs of even the most demanding buyers.

Alanya Center

As we have already specified, all areas of Alanya have their own advantages and characteristics. One of the most popular and profitable in terms of real estate investment is the center of Alanya. The city center is divided into two parts: the first is historical, where any construction is prohibited, and the second contains residential areas with dense buildings. Closer to the mountains are luxurious villas, not far from the sea - five-story apartment buildings, where both locals and foreigners live. The main infrastructure facilities are concentrated in the residential part of the city - shopping districts, shops, offices, bank branches, hospitals and pharmacies, restaurants and cafés.

The world-famous stunning Cleopatra Beach, a wide beautiful promenade, a city park, historical and natural attractions are the main advantages that allow us to rank the center of Alanya among the elite areas. Real estate prices here are among the highest. Many foreigners specifically purchase property in the central part of the resort in order to rent it out to tourists and receive a good, stable income.

The new exclusive Nordic Suite boutique project and the Nobby Suite premium residential complex from the developer Nordic Property are located in the center of Alanya. They are built according to European standards of construction and finishing, which guarantees the maximum return on your investment.


Tosmur is a well-maintained prestigious area, the active development of which started relatively recently. The main advantages of Tosmur are: peace and quiet, abundance of greenery, good ecological conditions, the presence of a significant water artery - the Dim-chai mountain river flowing into the sea. Its cool waters create a fresher and cooler microclimate than in other quarters of the city. The beautiful promenade along Dim Çayı allows all residents of the area to take pleasant daily walks.

Since Tosmur is located at some distance from the central part of the resort, the cost per square meter of real estate here is low. Against the backdrop of a fairly large selection of apartments, this advantage creates a good demand from buyers from abroad.

In the near future, it is planned to complete the construction of a tunnel under the Dimchay River. The tunnel will allow local authorities to abandon the freeway along the coast and provide an opportunity to expand the embankment, which will naturally lead to a significant increase in housing prices. Therefore, buying real estate in Tosmur is a profitable investment, and right now is the best time to do it.

It is in Tosmur that the Life Residence residential complex from Nordic Property is located, with stunning sea views and maximum landscaping.


Summarize. In our article, we introduced you to the most popular areas of the famous Mediterranean resort among foreigners. It is possible to determine which area of Alanya is best for you only taking into account individual wishes and goals of the purchase.

Specialists of the construction company Nordic Property will tell you about the objective advantages and prospects of the areas of Alanya, and select the most suitable option for quality real estate in their own premium class residential complexes. Get in touch!

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