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08 September 2021

Iskan for real estate: Ferdy and Gunel Iskan

The acquisition of real estate in the Republic of Turkey consists of several mandatory steps that ensure the legitimacy of the transaction. In particular, at the final stage, new homeowners receive important title documents - TAPU (certificate of ownership) and Iskan.

Iskan is a technical passport for real estate in Turkey or an act of commissioning an object. The official name is YAPI KULLANMA IZIN BELGESI.

This document shows that the building or part of it can legally and in agreement with the state commission be used for living, working, recreation, etc. The body involved in Iskan registration is the administration of the city where the object is located.

Iskan in Turkey is issued on a regular sheet of paper (and not on a special form), where all the technical information about the building or apartment is entered in tabular form (depending on the type of document). On the reverse side, the signatures of authorized persons and the seal of the city administration must be present.

We will tell you in detail about the types of iskan and their features in our review.

Types of Turkish real estate passports

It is worth noting that just two decades ago, Iskan was rarely required and checked by local authorities. Most of the objects built and used for their intended purpose did not have a technical passport, which suited both buyers and sellers: less paper - less paperwork and cash costs. So, without iskan, the cadastral value of housing was much lower, and hence the real estate tax calculated from it, which each buyer pays.

Together with the active economic development of the state, the laws of sale and purchase, as well as the procedure for registering real estate in Turkey, were brought into line with international standards. Since 2014, it is strictly mandatory for all construction companies to obtain an act of commissioning. At the moment, the built building without a technical passport, the developer will not connect to water supply, sewerage, electrification and gas.

There are two types of Iskan in the Republic of Turkey:

  • General or Genel Iskan
  • Individual or Ferdi Iskan

Gunel Iskan

Genel Iskan is a general technical passport for real estate, confirming the commissioning. It is issued for the entire building, for example, for an apartment building or a residential complex.

The document indicates information about the land plot on which the building is located, as well as the technical characteristics of the structure: number of storeys, number and area of apartments, design data engineering networks (electrical wiring, sewerage, water supply) and so on.

The developer receives Genel Iskan at the final stage or at the end of construction work. The presence of this document in hand is a guarantee that the building was built taking into account the general plan of urban zoning, taking into account architectural, historical and cultural factors, in accordance with all state norms and rules. In the absence of Genel Iskan, it is forbidden to use the building, and if the time for obtaining a technical passport exceeds the officially allowed, the house may be transferred to another developer or, in the end, demolished.

It is important to understand that Genel Iskan is a guarantee of the safe operation of housing, confirmed by an expert commission. Authorized officials take into account parameters such as:

  • Compliance of the erected building structures with the standards and requirements specified in the project.
  • Correct connection of engineering networks.
  • The presence of a fire alarm, emergency exit, shelters.
  • Seismic resistance characteristics.
  • Access roads, etc.

If representatives of the commission have identified any shortcomings on the part of the development company, he is obliged to eliminate them within the specified period. In the absence of violations, a conclusion is issued, on the basis of which the developer receives a general act of commissioning.

The absence of Genel Iskan shows that the building is not legally completed, that is, it is under construction. A building permit in Turkey is issued for 5 years, and if during this period the developer does not complete the work and does not receive an iskyan, the document will be canceled.

Ferdi Iskan

Ferdi Iskan is an individual act of commissioning, which contains all the technical information about your property (total area of the apartment, location, number of rooms, exact address, information about the owner) .

An individual registration certificate is issued for each individual apartment or detached house, villa after their purchase.

A common question from potential investors: is it necessary to reissue a registration certificate after buying an apartment? An individual Iskan is obtained by the owner only once - after acquiring housing from a developer in the primary market. In the case of a secondary sale, the previously executed act is simply transferred from the previous owner to the new one.

After purchasing real estate, the buyer can obtain an individual technical passport in the municipality of the city by presenting a certificate of ownership (TAPU). Based on this important document, an application is submitted for registration of subscribers for water, electricity, connection of a fixed telephone and the Internet. In the absence of meters for water and electricity, it is prohibited to use the residential area.

Conditions for buying property without Iskan

Purchasing a home in Turkey without Iskan is a fairly common practice if the property is under construction. However, it is important not to forget to indicate in the sale and purchase transaction that there is no registration certificate for the house, the approximate timing of its receipt and the seller's responsibility if these agreements are violated.

After the developer receives Genel Iskan, he must provide it owners. Owners can get iskan for an apartment on their own, or by using the services of a construction company, which often helps with paperwork.

In the presence of Ferdy Iskyan, the annual tax will be different from the tax on housing without a technical passport: 1% of the land tax instead of 0.02% of the total estimated value of the object. This document can be obtained only if there is a general act of commissioning.

The advantage of an individual technical passport is lower tariffs for electricity and water.

The cost of Iskan registration

The cost of a technical passport for an apartment in Turkey depends on the area of the object and its characteristics. The average price is about 1900 Turkish lira.

The deadline for issuing an act is from 7 to 10 working days.

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