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13 October 2022

Welcome to Kargicak!

Kargicak is the most picturesque area of Alanya, surrounded by banana plantations and green spaces. Hilly terrain prevails here, so the views from every apartment building and every villa are simply amazing. Vibrant plumeria and colorful hibiscus grow in the surrounding areas of residential complexes. The territory of the residential complex is incredibly well-groomed and equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable stay.

There is something to see in Kargicak on your own: you can see the ruins of the ancient city of Siedra from a height, you can go on a Viking yacht on a sea voyage, visit a water park. As part of the excursion program, the list of opportunities is expanding, read about it in the “Sights of Kargicak” section.

A cozy district of Alanya - Kargicak

A calm and peaceful atmosphere prevails in Kargicak. Therefore, this area is ideal for a comfortable life for families with children, the elderly and lovers of silence.

However, it is important to note that, among other areas of Alanya, Kargicak is just beginning to develop, so having a car will be an important advantage if you plan to live high in the mountains. Getting up and out on foot is not the best option. Hence the need for a vehicle.

Of course, the bus service in Kargicak is provided, and it will not be difficult to get to any point in Alanya. But the road passes through the center of the region and along the coastal strip, and residents get to the mountains on their own and mainly by car. At the same time, if you plan to live in a residential complex, and not in a separate villa, the management company often provides a transfer to Kargicak beach. So you will not have problems with rest by the sea.

What is good about the highlands? Firstly, from a height, stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea and the entire region open up, and even neighboring Mahmutlar is visible. Secondly, here is clean mountain air, which has a healing effect on the entire body. Thirdly, incredible silence and a sense of harmony around. And all this is combined with magnificent coniferous forests and blooming plumeria.

Do you want to live closer to the sea? No problem. Kargicak is famous for the fact that here you can choose the optimal conditions for yourself. Residential complexes and villas are located and continue to be built everywhere: in central locations, and on the first coastline, and high in the mountains. Thanks to the hilly terrain of Kargicak, many residential properties are located on a hill and have stunning views of the entire area.

To see an objective picture of this area, in this block we will look at its most important features:

  • location;
  • attractions;
  • beaches;
  • infrastructure.

Kargicak location

Check out what Kargicak looks like on a map in Turkey.

Kargicak is located 15 km east of Alanya and 27 km from Gazipasa Airport, is located next to the international district of Alanya - Mahmutlar, and on the other hand borders Demirtas. The famous ancient city of Syedra is also marked on the map.

Sights of Kargicak

On the way to the sights of Kargicak, it is worth stopping to admire the stunning views of the sea and banana plantations. After that, you can safely move on to the ancient city of Siedra. Buses with tourists leave for this part of the area. According to some historical data, Pompey visited here, and during the Roman era, the city minted and used its own coins.

A wide selection of excursion programs and entertainment allows everyone to choose a vacation to their liking:

  • Altynbeshik cave overview;
  • tour to Cappadocia;
  • visiting a pirate yacht;
  • Tour of the Sapadere Canyon;
  • trip to Salda lake and Pamukkale;
  • quad bike safari;
  • rafting;
  • fishing and snorkeling;
  • diving;
  • horseback riding, etc.

The residents of Kargicak have access to a lot of excursions and entertainment, both locally and along the entire Alanya coast.

Beaches in Kargicak

The length of the beaches is 4.5 kilometers. Almost the entire coast is strewn with sand and pebbles. In Kargicak, the beaches are equipped according to all the rules and standards. For vacationers, sun loungers, umbrellas, changing rooms and showers are provided. There are also plenty of water activities.

The embankment is well-equipped: there are various cafés and restaurants, cycling and walking paths, as well as exercise equipment for outdoor sports.

Kargicak infrastructure

Since the area young, its improvement is still at the stage of development and there are not so many infrastructure facilities as in neighboring Mahmutlar. But there are supermarkets like MIGROS, as well as public schools and small cafés. On Fridays, there is a farmer's market where you can find anything.

You can get to the center of Alanya by buses that run along the waterfront. And to the neighboring Mahmutlar, some residents of Kargicak even get on foot, because the distance is only 3 km.

Peculiarities of residential development

In general, Kargicak has the status of a prestigious and elite district of the city, since it is here that the best view areas are built, where developers build villas and comfortable residential complexes of some stories. If we consider LCDs, they are mostly located at a distance of up to 2 km from the coast. There are, of course, offers on the first and second coastlines.

Assessing Kargicak in Turkey based on feedback from property buyers and investors, we can highlight the following:

  • This area is characterized by low-rise buildings (4-5 floors);
  • unsurpassed visual characteristics;
  • luxury real estate prevails;
  • mountains, sea and forest in one area;
  • impeccable ecology;
  • a wide range of real estate prices;
  • high investment potential.

Those who are looking for a property with a unique concept, exclusive design and ultra-modern architecture, located close to the coastline, we strongly recommend to pay attention to the residential complex Nordic Art. The windows of your apartment will go directly to the sea, as the distance to the beach is only 10 meters. Shops, cafés, restaurants are within walking distance.

Do you want to live in the most comfortable apartment in Kargicak? Write to our manager! We build projects according to the latest construction standards using innovative technologies, and it is in our power to make you an offer that you cannot refuse!

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