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08 October 2021

Methods of payment for real estate in Turkey

The procedure for buying property in Turkey is very simple and transparent. In just a few days, you can become a full owner of quality housing. One of the main advantages of making a transaction is convenient ways to pay for real estate. Paying for the acquisition of property will not be difficult, and additional costs are either absent or very small.

In the Republic of Turkey, neither state authorities nor banks are interested in the source of income for investors from abroad. Regardless of the amount that will be credited to the current account or will be withdrawn from an ATM, no supporting documents need to be presented. The only and obligatory condition is that the payment of the amount and the reissuance of the TAPU (certificate of ownership) must occur simultaneously. In the Cadastral Chamber, when accepting documents for TAPU, the buyer presents a check or receipt for payment for housing.

What are the most popular payment methods for a purchase and sale transaction in Turkey - we will consider in our article.


Some foreign buyers, for one reason or another, may pay for the purchase of real estate in Turkey only in cash. There are two main ways to do this:

  • Bring cash with you.

The amount available for transportation across the border without filling out a declaration is only, for example, 10,000 US dollars for Russians, 10,000 euros for Ukrainians. Of course, the money can be distributed to your relatives or friends who are also planning a trip to Turkey. But since this is a big responsibility, not everyone will agree to travel in this way. If the amount exceeds the specified threshold, at customs you may be asked to present additional documents confirming the source of funds, an extract from a bank or a currency exchange office, etc.

  • Withdraw cash from your card at one of the ATMs in Turkey.

This is a safe way to buy an apartment with cash, but you should know that ATMs have a daily limit (depending on the type of card and customer status) and, as a rule, it will take several days to withdraw the entire amount. First study the commission of Turkish banks and the most profitable currency options when converting.

Bank transfer

Payment for the transaction by transfer from one's own country is one of the most popular methods of mutual settlement for purchased real estate among foreign buyers. In this case, the money is transferred from the current account in your country to the current account of the real estate agency or developer in Turkey. As a rule, a commission is charged for transferring funds, but it is insignificant (about 0.5% of the total amount), and sometimes it is fixed.

Another way to pay for real estate purchase and sale transactions by bank transfer is to open an account in the name of the investor in a Turkish bank. From the account, you can send money to the seller, or withdraw cash and pay the amount for the transaction.

For foreign investors, when buying a property, a bank transfer from a legal entity is available. When performing a financial transaction, the document contains a link to the contract.


Paying for real estate in Turkey with bitcoins is a new, fairly profitable and quick way to pay for the purchase of any property - residential, commercial, land. This service is not yet provided by all companies in the Turkish market, but their number is increasing every year.

As a rule, when making a payment, the company takes into account the number of bitcoins at the current exchange rate. The buyer transfers the virtual money to the electronic wallet of the seller or developer, after receiving the payment and converting the funds, the TAPU is reissued to the investor.

The time of a transaction using a bitcoin transaction depends on the value of the object and the daily limit on the sale of virtual money. According to experts, paying for the purchase of Turkish real estate with bitcoins is as safe and secure as using conventional cash. In addition, the investor has the opportunity to participate in the program for obtaining citizenship of the country for investments under an accelerated scheme, provided that the value of the object exceeds $400,000.


Obtaining a mortgage loan by a foreigner is a convenient way to pay for the purchase of housing in Turkey if you do not have the entire amount on hand. Many banks operate in the Republic of Turkey, which, without imposing too strict requirements, willingly issue loans to foreigners. Lending rates in many banking organizations are more favorable than in Europe and the CIS.

All you need is to collect a package of documents, translate them into Turkish and notarize them, open a bank account and prepare an application for a mortgage. In just a few days, the bank will give an answer about its readiness to issue a loan and send an independent expert to the property to assess the property. After the loan is issued and the transaction is concluded, the new owner receives a TAPU in his name with an encumbrance, which will be removed after paying the entire loan amount.


Many foreigners find it convenient to pay for property in Turkey in installments by taking out interest-free installments with a construction company. Recently, more and more developers are meeting investors from abroad, offering such methods of mutual settlement.

As a rule, installment payment is issued for the entire period of construction work, that is, on average, for a year and a half. An initial payment for Turkish housing is provided, and the remaining amount is divided into equal parts and a convenient repayment schedule is agreed.

There are many advantages of interest-free installments from Turkish developers:

  • no interest charges or they are very small;
  • saving money on paperwork, translation and notarization;
  • no need to confirm your solvency, etc.

In residential complexes from the construction company Nordic Property, we offer interest-free installments with an initial payment of only 30% of the total value of the property. The transfer of documents for the right of ownership is made after making the down payment!

Nordic Property

The choice of payment method when buying an apartment in Turkey depends on each specific case. It is important to choose the right realtor or developer who would be able to offer you convenient methods of settlement.

Nordic Property is an actively developing, successful construction company in the real estate market of Alanya. Our experts will consult and promptly select for you the best apartment options for any requests and budget, as well as tell you how to pay for Turkish real estate without a commission, on the most favorable terms. Get in touch!

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