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24 August 2022

Cost of living in Alanya: standard of living and prices

The number of foreigners who want to buy property in Alanya to move to permanent residence is constantly growing. The azure sea, the sun, beautiful nature and quality service attract Russian-speaking citizens. But life in a Turkish resort is not only entertainment and recreation. Weekdays are spent in work, travel, taking care of children, buying groceries, paying utility bills and other daily activities. And all this, of course, involves financial costs.

For information on how to buy a home in Turkey now and how much it costs, read our article.

One of the most important questions to ask yourself before moving is how much does it cost to live in Turkey. We will tell you about this in detail in our article using the example of the resort of Alanya.

Living standard

Alanya is the pearl of the Mediterranean, a cozy city of the Turkish Riviera. Just a few decades ago, the settlement was considered a small provincial town, surrounded by small fishing villages, which have now turned into new administrative regions of Alanya. They are actively building villas and modern residential complexes.

Alanya resembles a lively European resort, where a well-thought-out transport and urban infrastructure operates all year round, there are many shopping centers and entertainment venues, gyms, pharmacies, medical clinics and banks.

Today, many people dream of living in Alanya, as the resort guarantees a high level of service and opens up a number of prospects for investors from abroad.

Housing and utilities

It is no longer a secret to anyone that the acquisition of property in Turkey, and in particular in Alanya, is a reliable investment mechanism and a far-sighted investment of funds.

When asking the question: how much money do you need to live in Turkey, decide on a strategy: do you plan to rent or buy apartments in the future?

Over the past six months, prices for both rent and the cost per square meter of housing have increased significantly:

  • Renting an apartment 1+1, 2+1 in Alanya will cost an average of € 800-1000 per month, depending on the area.
  • The minimum price for the purchase of real estate is from €80–90 thousand. Participation in an investment project guarantees the lowest prices for investments at the initial stage of construction and the opportunity to arrange an interest-free installment payment from the developer.

The calculation of payment of utility bills in Turkey is made by meters. Monthly for electricity, water, space heating and cooling in an apartment of about 80 m2, you will need to pay an average of about €45–50.

In addition to utility bills, the owners pay for the aidat. In fact, these are fees for maintaining the internal infrastructure of the residential complex: cleaning the pool, landscaping, security services, concierge, etc. The amount is paid regardless of whether the owner lives in his apartment or not. The more infrastructure, the higher the cost of aidat, and on average costs the owner of an apartment €20–100.

Due to the wide variety of objects on the housing market, buyers have the opportunity to choose the most suitable option for their budget .

Sports and recreation

In addition to the mandatory costs of housing and utilities, when moving to Alanya, other expenses should be taken into account. In particular, the budget for recreation and sports.

Regular visits to the gym or fitness club will cost only €10-15 per month, depending on the status of the institution.

Activities such as water sports, yacht trips, excursions to famous natural and historical sights are relatively inexpensive. Ticket prices depend on demand and time of year. For example, in the high season, a sightseeing tour of Alanya costs about €15, a tour to Cappadocia - from €40-50, a quad bike safari - from €35. Many hours of visiting the LAND OF LEGENDS waters amusement park - €70–80. A cinema ticket for one person costs about €2.5. The given prices are indicative, we recommend finding out the exact amounts directly on the spot.

Food prices

Food is a significant part of the monthly budget of every family. Therefore, it is worth calculating these costs in advance, taking into account your habits and preferences.

Before the sharp jump in the dollar and the euro, food prices in Turkey and the countries of the former CIS practically did not differ, and in some Turkish regions were even lower. Today the situation has changed, and the cost of the food basket in Alanya has increased compared to Russia. However, the good news is that the prices for organic, farm-based food and drinks in this resort town are more affordable than in any other large city in Turkey.

We have compiled for you a list of the most popular foods that make up the daily diet of most families. Knowing the prices, you can calculate for yourself the approximate cost of food:

  • Milk - €0.66/1 liter
  • Bread - €0.43/0.5 kg
  • Rice - €1.62/1 kg
  • Eggs – €1.65/12 pcs
  • Cheese - €5.82/1 kg
  • Chicken breasts - €2.81/1 kg
  • Beef - €7.96/1 kg
  • Apples – €0.65/1 kg
  • Bananas - €1.43/1 kg
  • Oranges – €0.74/1 kg
  • Tomatoes - €0.71/1 kg
  • Potatoes – €0.32/1 kg
  • Onion - €0.31/1 kg
  • Salad – €0.55/1 head
  • Water – €0.21/1.5 l bottle
  • A bottle of wine, average price €5.37
  • Homemade beer - €2.35/0.5 l
  • Imported beer - €1.68/0.33
  • Cappuccino - €2.13/1 glass
  • Coca-Cola – €0.58/0.33 l

Residing in Alanya involves visiting restaurants and cafés serving national or European cuisine. Most tourists like the colorful Turkish cuisine, and the skill of the chefs, friendly service, and low prices attract crowds of foreigners to such establishments.

Lunch in Alanya will cost you:

  • in an inexpensive café - about €3;
  • in a middle-class establishment for two people - about €11–12;
  • in popular restaurants – €10–30;
  • fast food McDonald's, etc. – €3.5–4.

Let's go through the additional costs

The cost of living in Turkey is worth mentioning:

  1. Health insurance.
  2. Costs of educating children.
  3. Transport costs.
  4. Mobile communications.

Health care in Turkey is of high quality, as the government invests heavily in the development of healthcare and medical tourism. Insurance medicine in public and private clinics is paid and its cost depends on the age and the chosen package of services. The average price of a policy is 850-2000 Turkish liras. The higher the cost, the greater the range of services and the percentage of coverage provided.

If you have children, you should take into account the price tag for education in preschool and school institutions in Turkey. Most parents choose private educational institutions, since only in them teaching is possible in Russian or English. The average cost of a kindergarten is €70 per month. The annual fee for elementary school education is about €3,000, the amount depends on the status of the institution.

As for the transport system of Alanya: it is one of the most developed and efficient among the resort regions of Turkey. The fare is low:

  • one-way city bus fare about €0.6;
  • Monthly bus pass €24–25;
  • taxi for 1 km - approximately €1.

It is quite expensive to use your car in Alanya, as fuel prices are among the highest in Europe. The high cost of gasoline is associated with excise taxes included in its cost.

Estimated cost of living in Alanya

Prices of living in Turkey, Alanya and its regions are noticeably lower than in most countries of the European Union. Living in this resort town on the Mediterranean coast is very comfortable and relatively inexpensive. This attracts not only vacationers to Alanya, but also investors from abroad who want to buy property for moving to permanent residence.

All information posted is for informational purposes only and does not have a commercial purpose.

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