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27 February 2023

Overview of the Tosmur area

Tosmur is a secluded, picturesque area of Alanya. This unique place seems to be specially created for those foreign citizens who are looking for a compromise between the activity of the city center and sleeping residential areas, where not the rumble of passing cars comes through the open windows, but the aroma of flowering orange orchards and the singing of birds.

Life in Tosmur is an opportunity to enjoy pristine nature and solitude, with full access to all the amenities of modern civilization.

In our publication, we will tell you about the advantages and features, attractions and infrastructure, as well as the current cost of real estate in Tosmur.

Climate, location and accessibility

One from popular queries on the Internet: where is Tosmur in Turkey? The resort area is located in the eastern part of Alanya and borders on Oba and Kestel.

The distance to the historical center of the city is 5 kilometers.

The distance to Gazipaşa-Alanya Havalimanı International Airport is 35 km.

The distance to Antalya Havalimanı International Airport is 132 km.

The area has good transport accessibility. In the center of Tosmur there is a fork of the D400 highway: one branch goes to Ataturk Boulevard, the second - to the central quarters of the city. It is very easy to get from here to the center or to any other area of Alanya, both on your own car and on public transport. The intervals between stops of city buses and fixed-route taxis are 5-10 minutes.

The indisputable advantage of the suburbs is the unique climate, which is mainly influenced by the mountain river Dim Chai. In Tosmur it is always noticeably fresher and cooler than in other areas of Alanya. The extensive green spaces around the resort contribute to the formation of a favorable climate: coniferous forests, citrus orchards and banana plantations, as well as good ecology (there are no harmful industries here).

In summer, the average air temperature is+27 ...+30 ° С. The water temperature in the sea can reach +28 °С. Winter is warm: the thermometer, as a rule, does not fall below +15 ... +18 ° С.

Infrastructure and amenities

Tosmur, Alanya is fully landscaped. It has everything you need for a comfortable life. Urban infrastructure facilities operate all year round, and not only during the holiday season.

For families with children who have planned to move to Tosmur, we want to inform you that there are kindergartens and schools, colleges in the district, including the prestigious TED and Bahcesehir. In nearby Oba and Kestel there are private kindergartens and a Russian-language school. In addition, the prestigious university Alanya Alaaddin Keykubat Üniversitesi, opened in 1915, is nearby.


Products and household goods are sold in two large Migros supermarkets. Chain stores are located at the entrance to the area and at the exit. The main part of restaurants and cozy pubs is concentrated on the main street of Tosmur, where you will always be offered a cup of aromatic coffee or a delicious dinner. In addition, the district has its own bakery, where delicious bread is baked in a traditional Turkish oven.

In addition to grocery stores, ATMs, pharmacies, clinics, souvenir shops and an exit bazaar are provided for the comfort of residents. Local farmers come to the market and offer organic and inexpensive vegetables, fruits, olive oil, meat, dairy products and other goods at a reasonable price.


If you want to have fun in a status nightclub or a noisy disco, we recommend going to the city center. Rest in Tosmur is designed for couples and those who like quieter activities and leisure. Guests and residents of the resort are available:

  • walks along the promenade;
  • rest on the beach;
  • visiting pubs, bars, restaurants, where not only Turkish national food is tasty, but also dishes of European, Asian cuisine, etc.;
  • barbecue in nature;
  • sports;
  • sea fishing, water attractions, including extreme ones.

You can relax with the whole family in the water park "Sealanya Sea Park". The entertainment center is located near Tosmur. A variety of water slides, swimming pools, attractions are open to visitors, beach areas have been landscaped, and cafes are open. In addition, in the summer, twice a day, guests are presented with a show performance with dolphins.

The favorite place of rest for the inhabitants of Tosmur and the nearby residential areas of Alanya is the Dim Chay River. On the coast there are special places for picnics and recreation, fishing, there are restaurants serving freshly caught fish.


The beaches in Tosmur are one of the most comfortable and picturesque in Alanya. The main advantages of the coastline:

  • there is no big crowd even in summer;
  • convenient entry into the water;
  • gradual depth gain;
  • The coast is covered with sand, and starting from the water's edge, the bottom is covered with small pebbles, so the water remains clean and transparent in any weather.

Vacationers can use umbrellas and sun loungers, showers and changing rooms. Cafes are open along the beaches, there is an opportunity to go in for extreme sports.

There is a highway between residential areas and the beach. For the safety of citizens heading to the coast, special underground passages were built.


The main natural attraction of Tosmur and the pearl of the resort of Alanya is the mountain river Dim Chay. Not only local citizens, but also foreign tourists rest on its picturesque shores.

The temperature of the water falling from the mountains never warms up above +16 °C. Due to this, freshness and coolness always reigns near the Dim-Chai River. Spending free time in nature in such conditions is very comfortable even on the hottest summer days.

In cafes and cozy restaurants on the banks of Dim Chai, freshly caught fish is served at an affordable price. Visitors have the opportunity to go fishing, and the restaurant chefs will immediately prepare and serve the resulting catch. In addition, gazebos, benches and picnic areas are located on the coast.

To see other attractions, we recommend visiting the center of Alanya. The most popular places among tourists: Cleopatra Beach, Kyzyl Kule, Alanya Fortress, Damlatash Cave, Suleymaniye Mosque, medieval pier, shipyard and much more.

Actual prices on the housing market

Tosmur development started not too long ago. The most investment-attractive land plots are located at some distance from the sea, so a few years ago local development companies rushed to buy them to build new residential areas.

Tosmur residential complexes are apartment buildings built using new technologies using high-quality building materials. The backyard is fully landscaped. Residents can use swimming pools, parking, SPA zones, playgrounds, barbecues, gyms, Turkish hammam and other internal infrastructure without restrictions. In high-status residential complexes, amenities are comparable, and in some cases exceed the level of 5 * hotels. In the housing market, there is an opportunity to purchase both budget apartments in houses with a pool and a recreation area, as well as luxurious penthouses with breathtaking views and a diverse large-scale infrastructure.

The cost of apartments in Tosmur starts from 120,000 €. The average price tag for housing is 200,000–250,000 €. About 300,000 € are comfortable, fully ready-to-live-in spacious apartments right by the Dim Chay River.

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All information posted is for informational purposes only and does not serve commercial purposes.

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