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14 August 2021

Property maintenance in Turkey

Purchasing property in Turkey is not only a number of advantages, but also some obligations that are imposed on foreign owners.

After receiving the TAPU, you will need to pay utility bills, annual taxes, maintenance and home insurance. We recommend that you find out information about associated costs in advance in order to be able to assess your capabilities even before concluding a purchase and sale transaction. Compared to other countries, in the Republic of Turkey, the costs are quite low and allow you to freely maintain property, without significant losses to the personal budget.

We have prepared for you expert information on how much it costs to maintain an apartment in Turkey.

What is the cost of utilities in Turkey?

The first thing to do the foreign owner, after the conclusion of the purchase and sale transaction, to draw up or re-execute contracts for the provision of public services by local energy companies.

The cost of registering a new subscriber for the supply of water to the homeowner from the developer will cost 500 TL. Connection to water supply and sewerage - about 350 TL, as well as making a minimum deposit when connecting a subscriber - 137 TL.

When buying an object on the secondary market, the contracts are reissued from the previous owner to the new one. In this case, only the minimum deposit is paid into the account, there are no other expenses.

Conclusion of the primary contract for the supply of electricity is 33.8 TL, the minimum deposit is 178 TL.

To renew the agreement for the supply of utilities, you need to take the following documents with you:

  • a copy of the international passport.
  • TAPU;
  • ISKAN (individual technical passport) received from the previous owner.

All utility bills in Turkey are paid monthly, in accordance with the readings on the meters.


Turkish resort regions are characterized by a long summer period, warm, short rainy winters. The use of air conditioning is justified here almost all year round: in summer - for cooling, in winter - for heating. Even at the stage of choosing a property, you should take into account the cost of air conditioning.

In the Republic of Turkey, there are three tariffs for electricity throughout the day: day, peak, night. The night rate is the most economical, so if you want to reduce the cost of utility bills, plan some household chores (for example, laundry) for the night. Also, some foreign owners permanently residing in Turkey use energy-saving lamps, install a gas stove instead of an electric hob, etc.

In the Republic of Turkey, electricity tariffs depend on the amount of consumption. The average cost of 1 kWh is € 0.10-0.19.

Example: the cost of electricity per month for an apartment 1+1 50 sq. m will be about € 50-60 (half of this amount is payment for the operation of air conditioners).

Water supply

There is no centralized hot water supply in Turkey. Water heaters are installed in apartments and houses. Readings are taken from water meters, payment is for the consumed cubic meters.

Utilities in Turkey for water supply are about € 0.5 per 1 cubic meter of cold water.

Gas supply

Not all regions of Turkey have gas supplied to their homes. As a rule, in the apartments of the resort regions, gas cylinders are used for cooking on a gas stove.

The price of one gas cylinder is about € 15-30. Economical consumption: for a small family, the capacity is enough for several months.


Most of the regions of Turkey, due to the warm climate, do not need centralized heating of residential premises almost all year round. For example, in the Istanbul metropolis, only some modern areas have gas supply in the houses. However, most of the apartments are heated by air conditioners. Heating tariffs vary across the country.

Costs for Internet, telephone and TV

The maintenance of an apartment in Turkey, as a rule, includes the costs for Internet, telephone and TV. The standard package includes TV and wired internet. You can also purchase a TV+internet+landline phone package.

In the Republic of Turkey, an agreement is concluded with a provider only for a long term (at least two years). Early termination is subject to penalties. To connect a landline phone, you need to have a residence permit in Turkey.

The cost of a package of home Internet+TV services is about € 10-12 per month.

Garbage collection tax

Rent in Turkey includes garbage collection tax. The amount is calculated by the management company at the place of residence. As a rule, it does not exceed 50 TL.

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DASK earthquake insurance

DASK earthquake insurance is included in the obligatory expenses of all property owners, as earthquakes are not uncommon in the Republic of Turkey. The amount insured depends on the location of the object and the total area. The lower the probability of an earthquake in the region, the lower the cost of the insurance policy. The average cost of a DASK policy is 60-300 TL.

Aidat - the cost of maintaining real estate in a residential complex

Aidat is a mandatory fee for all owners of apartments or villas united by a common territory for maintaining the infrastructure of a residential complex, maintaining public use areas in proper condition. You need to pay aidat, regardless of whether you live in an apartment.

The cost of maintaining a property in Turkey includes:

  1. Cleaning the common area.
  2. Garbage removal.
  3. Maintenance of swimming pools, sports, playgrounds, parking.
  4. Caring for green spaces.
  5. Scheduled and urgent repairs.
  6. The salary of the caretaker, security, employees of the management company.
  7. Other planned and unforeseen costs.

All expenses are summed up and divided equally among the residents of the complex. The final amount depends on how diverse the infrastructure is. The cost can range from 80 TL in complexes with minimal infrastructure to 600 TL and more for luxury apartments in large residential complexes.

Annual property tax

The annual property tax in Turkey is the same for both foreigners and Turkish citizens. It is calculated from the cadastral value of the object. For residential property is 0.2%. Payment is made once or twice a year (two equal payments).

How to pay utility bills in Turkey?

There are several ways to pay:

  • via the post office;
  • in the bank;
  • using internet banking;
  • cash at the box office or through an ATM.

It is important to pay your utility bills responsibly. This will ensure you hassle-free living in Turkey.

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