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18 September 2021

What is Aidat. Features of Aydat in Nordic complexes

When buying property in Turkey, you should take into account that funds will be needed not only for the purchase of square meters, but also for the maintenance of housing. The system of paying utility bills in the republic consists of three parts: water supply, electricity, and aidat. The first two are familiar and understandable to us, but not everyone knows what aidat is. Let's try to figure out what this fee is and what these payments are spent on?

What is Aidat and why pay it?

Turkish residential complexes delight with rich infrastructure. The owners of the apartments can use the services of the SPA-zone, massage room, swim in the pool or have a workout in the gym. For children there is a specially equipped playground. In the evenings, you can enjoy a leisurely walk in the garden on the territory of the residential complex. All this requires proper care and, accordingly, funding. For this, a monthly utility payment called aidat is provided.

Aidat (Aidat in Turkish means fees, fees) is a monthly fee for the proper upkeep and maintenance of a residential apartment complex in Turkey. The fee is paid by all property owners.

Aidat payment in the Republic of Turkey is regulated by the Law on Condominiums (Kat mülkiyeti kanunu, adopted in 1965. According to it, the amount that is deducted for the maintenance of the entire complex is determined at the general meeting of homeowners (Kat Malikleri Genel Kurulu).

Important! Paying the aidat is the responsibility of every apartment owner in the residential complex, regardless of whether he lives in them or not, uses common property (swimming pool, sauna, parking, etc.). ) or not. If the property is rented out, the monthly payment for the maintenance of the complex is the responsibility of the tenant.

What determines the amount of aidat?

The amount of aidat depends on the number of services provided , the level of infrastructure development, the location of the complex, and can range from several tens of euros to several hundreds.

The more extensive the infrastructure in the complex, the higher the monthly fee for each property owner.


In addition, the price of the aidat includes:

  • Payment for the work of a caretaker or kapidzhi.
  • Cleaning the area around the house, entrances, halls.
  • Gardener services, lawn mowing, landscaping of the garden on the territory of the complex.
  • Water charges for irrigating the garden and filling the pool.
  • Electricity fee for the operation of elevators, lighting of alleys and corridors, lighting of the pool.
  • Maintenance of the generator.
  • Security (security guards, video surveillance cameras).
  • Elevator maintenance
  • Daily garbage collection
  • Purchase of consumables for the care of the territory and objects on it.

All the items of expenditure listed above are added together, resulting in an amount that is divided by the number of apartments in the complex. Aidat is charged from the apartment and does not depend on the number of people living in it.

The more apartments in the residential complex, the lower the amount of aidat will be.

The main item of expenditure is the salary of the staff serving the apartment building and its territory: security guard, concierge, gardener, cleaner. This includes their social insurance payments, as well as seniority allowance.

The more staff work, the higher the aidat will be.

The cost of aidat is determined by the tenants at the annual meeting. At this meeting, a decision can be made to increase or decrease the monthly payment. In addition, it is possible to cancel some items of expenditure. For example, in winter, the operation of the pool in the LCD can be suspended, which will reduce costs. If at the meeting it was decided to replace the generator or the residential complex needs major repairs, then the cost of aidat will increase.

In this regard, there are 2 types of aidat:

  • fixed - a monthly payment that is charged on all current expenses for maintaining the complex;
  • target - based on specific needs, for example, if you need to allocate a budget for repairs or equipment upgrades.

Payments are made either monthly or in advance for several months or a year. Aidat is paid to the bank account of the management company. It is also possible to pay in cash to the concierge, but be sure to take a receipt of payment.

Responsibility for non-payment of aidat

If there is a non-payment or a debt, service organizations take appropriate measures in the form of fines and penalties for late payments.

According to the Property Law in Turkey, the manager has the right to impose a fine of 5% of the amount owed.

The management company can also file a lawsuit against the owner for evading the payment of aidat. On the basis of a court order, an attachment may be imposed on his property. By a court decision, in case of refusal to pay the debt, the apartments can be put up for sale by force. This course of events may be the reason for refusal to extend the residence permit.

Features of Aydat in Nordic complexes

Before buying a property in Turkey, read the current rules and procedures for using the infrastructure of a residential complex. Pay attention to the amount of the annual aidat payment.

In the projects of the construction company Nordic Property Construction, the monthly fee for Aydat is calculated depending on the layout of the apartments.

In the modern residential complex Nordic Life Residence in the Tosmur area, Aidat for apartments 1+1 and 2+1 is the same - 60 euros, for duplexes the amount is slightly higher - 75 euros.

In the exclusive Nordic Suite boutique project for 16 apartments in the very center of Alanya, the following rates apply:

  • 1+1 - 200 tl,
  • 2+1 - 250 tl,
  • 2+1 duplex - 350 tl,
  • 3+1 duplex - 500 tl.

In a new 70-apartment residential complex in Mahmultar The Cozy Residence, the following fees for aidat are provided:

  • 1+1 - 250 tl,
  • 2+1 - 300 tl,
  • duplex 3+1 – 450 tl,
  • duplex 4+1 - 550 tl.

For more information, please contact the managers of the developer Nordic Property Construction. They will not only tell you more about the features in the field of housing and communal services in Turkey, but will also help connect subscribers to water and electricity in new apartments on the Mediterranean coast.