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28 December 2023

Buy real estate - apply for a residence permit

Residence permit in Turkey is a document that allows foreign citizens to stay in the territory of the Republic of Turkey on legal grounds for a period longer than the period of a visa or visa-free entry.

Detailed information on how to obtain a residence permit in Turkey, on what grounds and where it is issued, you will learn from our article.

Residence permit in Turkey - who and how can get it

Turkish residence permit is necessary for all foreigners who, for one reason or another, it is important to stay on the territory of the Republic for a long time. One of the easiest ways to get a residence permit in Turkey is to buy real estate. However, first things first.

What are the grounds for obtaining a residence permit in Turkey

What is Ikamet? This is the name of the residence permit in the southern state in Turkish. There are two main categories of residence permit:

  • Short-term or Kısa Dönem İkamet İzni.
  • Long-term or Uzun Dönem İkamet İzni.

Short-term residence permit is issued:

  • In connection with the purchase of real estate by foreigners in the territory of the state.
  • By tourism destinations.
  • Turkish language teaching (with permission from the Ministry of Education).
  • Education in Turkish universities.
  • Student exchange and internship.
  • Treatment in Turkey (for this, it is necessary to obtain confirmation that the disease does not pose a threat to Turkish citizens).
  • Doing business and investing in the economy of the state.
  • Getting a job.
  • Scientific activity.
  • For family ties.
  • In response to a request from an administrative authority or court.
  • When switching from a family residence permit.
  • Humanitarian programs (for Syrian and Afghan refugees, etc.).
  • Victims of human trafficking.

Starting from 2017, the Turkish government has made some changes to the law on residence permits. If a foreigner traveled outside the country for more than 120 days in a year, his residence permit will not be cancelled.

Long-term (perpetual) residence permit in Turkey is available to those foreigners who have received a short-term residence permit for 8 years without interruption. It takes into account how long the applicant has been abroad. This period cannot exceed 365 days in 5 years (or 180 days in a year).

The procedure for obtaining Ikamet in Turkey

Based on the new law from 2015, all foreign citizens wishing to apply for a residence permit in Turkey will need to fill out an application and a questionnaire online on the official website Turkish Migration Agency: The procedure was called the “Centralized Rendezvous System”.

When filling out the application form, the applicant chooses one of three options:

  1. Extension of the current residence permit.
  2. Initial receive.
  3. Move from one view to another.

On the portal, you can choose the language - English, Turkish, Russian, German or Arabic. The applicant answers the standard survey questions and uploads a photo on a white background in a special field.

Important! Time to complete the questionnaire is limited. If the period of inactivity is too long, the session will automatically end and you will have to go through the whole procedure from the very beginning.

After filling, the system will confirm the acceptance of the online application and offer to print the document. Together with the questionnaire, a list of required documents will be printed in English or Turkish.

Regardless of the type of ikamet, you will need to visit the Migration Service office. The system will give you the opportunity to choose the date and time of the rendezvous after entering all personal data. The selected date cannot be changed. In case of non-attendance at the rendezvous, the electronic application is canceled and the procedure will need to be repeated. At the meeting, the applicant takes with him the necessary documents for a residence permit in Türkiye.

To receive ikamet in Turkey in 2021 and visit the rendezvous, you need to pay a state fee. You can do this at the Tax Office if you have a HES code and a protective mask.

It takes some time to issue an Ikamet plastic card. The fact that the card is ready and is at the central post office at the place of residence, the applicant will be notified via SMS. Delivery methods: by mail courier or in person with a passport and notification from the post office.

How much does a residence permit cost in Turkey?

Many of our customers are interested in how much an ikamet costs in Turkey. The final amount depends on the type of residence permit, the applicant's citizenship and some other factors.

To apply for a tourist residence permit in Turkey, you will need to pay a state fee, which includes a residence tax and the amount for issuing a plastic card. If the document is issued for a period of 1 year, the amount of tax will be approximately 300 Turkish liras. Payment is made exclusively in cash, in local currency at the Tax Office.

The second cost item is the translation of papers into Turkish (about 60 Turkish liras per 1 piece), certification by a notary (approximately 80-90 TL) and apostille (140 TL).

You will also need to take 4 color photographs (about 40 TL) and a photocopy of your passport (4 TL).

The largest expense item is medical insurance in Turkey for a residence permit. The minimum amount is about 400 TL per person.

Purchasing real estate as a way to obtain a residence permit in Turkey

The law on real estate in Turkey makes it possible to obtain a short-term residence permit (for 1-2 years) to all investors from abroad after the purchase property. The value of real estate is not of fundamental importance. That is, it can be issued by the owners of budget apartments and luxury villas on the seashore. Therefore, today this method is considered one of the most demanded and most popular among capital investors from abroad.

A residence permit in Turkey when buying a property is issued on the basis of a issued TAPU (certificate of ownership). Close relatives (husband/wife, children) are also eligible to obtain a residence permit. You can renew your license an unlimited number of times. If the cost of housing (one or more properties) is more than 250,000 US dollars, the owners have the opportunity to apply for Turkish citizenship under an accelerated scheme.

Assistance in obtaining a residence permit in Turkey

Required documents for a residence permit in Turkey when buying a property:

  • Application for accommodation.
  • Biometric photos (4 pieces).
  • Passport (original and copy).
  • Copy of TAPU.
  • Certificate from the Cadastral Chamber that the certificate of ownership is valid.
  • Medical insurance for the entire duration of the residence permit. Children under 18 and adults over 65 do not need health insurance.

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