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03 October 2021

Property Management in Turkey. Briefly about the main

Apartments in Turkey are a sought-after segment of real estate among foreign buyers. In addition to the excellent layout, stunning views from the window, high-quality repairs, modern Turkish apartments have another significant advantage: most of them are located within residential complexes equipped with their own infrastructure. That is, in fact, you are not only the owner of comfortable apartments on the seashore and live in a safe, calm atmosphere with your own rules, but you also have the opportunity to use diverse infrastructure facilities at any time.

An important issue for everyone who wants to buy property is the maintenance of residential complexes in Turkey. If this is an apartment in a new building, it will be useful to familiarize yourself with the intricacies of managing Turkish LCDs in advance. When buying a home on the secondary market, it is advisable to first inquire about the current rules, the charter of the tenants, since some of them, for example, may turn out to be unacceptable for you. As the saying goes, forewarned is forearmed.

You will find all the relevant information about this in our review.

Who manages the residential complex?

In the Republic of Turkey, the work of the housing and communal code has been established like clockwork. It is somewhat different from what we are used to, but most investors get used to the new rules after a while and enjoy all their benefits.

The main law governing the maintenance of real estate in Turkey is the condominium law (exact name is Kat Mülkiyeti Kanunu 634 Türkiye Cumhuriyeti - KMK 634 TC), according to which the owners of apartments located in within the residential complex have the right to be directly involved in the management of the property.

In fact, a condominium is a way of owning a residential complex, the apartments in which belong to each individual owner, and the common area is defined as the property of all residents. The common areas include the landing, hall, elevators, technical floors, parking, garden, land under the house, etc.

To manage an apartment building can, by decision of the owners, both the management company and the residents themselves. The managing organization is a firm specializing in this kind of activity. They perform a number of tasks, including monitoring the quality of infrastructure operation, hiring qualified maintenance personnel, selecting companies and concluding contracts with utility providers, and much more. In fact, they make sure that the house is in order, that the pool remains clean and constantly working, the lawn is watered, all problems related to electricity, water supply, ventilation are repaired in time, security guards, other workers, etc. regularly perform their duties. The tenants themselves choose the management company.

In some newly built houses, the developer manages for two years. The construction company promptly and without unnecessary costs on the part of the owners eliminates all problems and breakdowns. This gives the tenants the opportunity to get used to the new conditions and navigate further actions.

According to the results of the annual report on work and costs, which the service company is obliged to provide, the owners decide whether to continue further cooperation or hire a new organization.

Some owners manage the LCD on their own. To do this, a committee of tenants is organized, meetings are held at which all issues related to maintaining order and ensuring the efficiency of the infrastructure on the territory of the complex are resolved.

The owners also jointly accept the charter of the house, that is, the rules and prohibitions that each of them undertakes to comply with. As a rule, these are quite objective and reasonable points that help maintain the order and comfort of living for all residents in the residential complex, namely, it is impossible:

  • Make noise after 23:00.
  • Organize a barbecue on the terrace on weekdays.
  • To use the infrastructure for the guests of the owners.
  • Swimming in the pool for children without swimming suits.
  • Put garbage outside your apartment (leave it on the landing).
  • Park guest cars in the parking lot of the complex, etc.

One of the most responsible positions in any residential complex in Turkey, in addition to the manager, is the concierge or kapıcı. Kapıcı knows everything that happens in the house and can be contacted for any questions, whether it's calling an electrician or paying utility bills. He also keeps order in the entrances, on the landings, keeps records of payment of bills for water and electricity. In large residential complexes, one apartment on the first floor is often allocated for kapydzhi, the rent of which is paid by the owners.

If the complex is small with minimal infrastructure, one concierge can keep order. Large-scale residential complexes are additionally recruiting staff - cleaners, security guards, gardeners, pool maintenance specialists, etc. developer. Main topics of discussion on the agenda:

  • report on the work done and costs;
  • next year, tasks and budgeting;
  • Solving ongoing maintenance issues.

More than 50% of property owners must be present at the first meeting. To ensure attendance, a notice of the meeting is posted on the bulletin board in the lobby, two weeks before the date of the meeting, emails are sent out.

If the meeting is attended by less than half of the residents, it is not considered valid and decisions will not be made. However, the majority at the second meeting no longer matters for solving current issues and tasks. Therefore, if you cannot be present in person, delegate your powers to your friends or neighbors through a power of attorney for the right to manage real estate in Turkey. The results of the meeting are recorded in the minutes. The document is signed by everyone present.

The head of the official meeting is the manager. He, as a rule, is selected for a year from the tenants themselves by voting. Re-elected annually or at an extraordinary meeting of owners.

The main responsibilities of a property manager in Turkey are:

  • raising and solving current issues of repair work within the LCD, equipment maintenance;
  • formation of a cost item for the next year;
  • providing data on expenses (repairs, staff salaries, infrastructure maintenance costs) and income (total amount by aidat);
  • Securing the complex by hiring a security company or individual personnel;
  • monitoring compliance with the charter of the JK.

What expenses await future residents?

There is a certain-fixed fee for property management in Turkey - this is aidat.

Aidat is paid monthly by tenants, whether they live in the house or not, and covers all services provided by staff within the complex:

  • Proper operation of the pool, sauna, fitness room, SPA, elevator and other facilities.
  • Cleaning and garbage disposal.
  • Landscape gardening.
  • Salary, insurance for staff.
  • Ongoing renovations.
  • Paying utility bills on a public property.
  • Purchasing supplies, detergents, etc.

Costs are summed up and divided equally among all owners. The monthly fee for Aydat depends on the city where the property is located and on the size of the residential complex. For large complexes in Turkish resorts, it can be more than 1000 euros per month, and for small ones - about 40–50 euros.

Aidat non-payers face penalties and fines. If you do not pay for a long period, the management company has the right to apply to the court to collect the debt. If the owner does not respond in any way to the measures taken, by decision of the court the apartment can be sold to cover the debt.

About Nordic Construction LCD management system

Nordic Property Construction is an actively developing developer. We build high-quality residential complexes in Alanya according to Scandinavian standards of construction and finishing. We carefully control each stage of work so that our investors receive premium quality housing at the best prices.

Our company strives to be comprehensively useful to its customers. Therefore, in addition to construction activities, we also provide new property owners with a wide range of after-sales services. One of his areas is the management of a residential complex. A well-thought-out strategy, well-functioning work of the staff, a serious approach to solving any problems are the key to a comfortable stay for all owners of apartments in residential complexes from Nordic Property Construction!

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